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My Background

I started academic life at Baylor University where I studied Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics with plans to become a neurosurgeon. But, I fell in love with social science, changed plans, and went on to the University of Houston where I received a Masters in Anthropology. I did thesis work studying diabetes and had my book published in 2015.

While in graduate school I started to code in my job as a data analyst, and grew to love programming and computer science. After progressing into more senior data analyst positions, I left to learn how to become a software engineer at The Iron Yard Academy.

Since then, I have worked at large companies, startups and not-for-profit orgs. For me, its about mixing and matching computer and social science and working on projects that serve and amplify people and causes. I am currently attending University of Houston-Victoria for Masters in Computer Science and Math. I am also a panelist for the podcast >code.

What I am doing now

inspired by Derek Sivers version of a now page.

I am managaing the creation of JusticeHub, one of the first big tech projects for Tech For Justice. Working on this project has taken from from developer to product manager and I am learning a lot.

I have also started taking a few online courses in order to get me back in the beginners mindset as I write curriculum for students at The Iron Yard.

I have also started some exciting freelance writing projects that I am looking forward to being out soon.

Things have been busy for me as I have taken on new projects and a new position at The Iron Yard. But as always, I remain excited about what I am working on.

This was last updated May 5th 2017

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