Projects of Mine

Just here for the code?


I come from a family that likes to cook, so I created the Family Recipe App to help us keep track of recipes. It also has a calendar feature that lets you schedule when you plan to cook a recipe as well. This is especially helpful since we have big dinners together. I have plans to make this into a potluck app as well.

I made the Pinterest Clone to help me learn more about modals.

I also have a terminal game callled Ruby Blackjack that taught me better command of Ruby and was a pain to make at the time. But I love it cause by the time I completed it I felt so proud of this little game.

Landing Pages

One of my first freelance projects involved me making the landing page for a growing company Obella Be. This felt like a great way to mix my love of medicine, community, and code.


I was invited to speak at the annual meeting of the American Anthropology Association on a panel about anthropology and communciation, which was based on my work as a practicing anthropologist in tech. The trip made me love anthropology and software even more.

image courstesy of #WOCinTech